An auto-responder e-mail is an email which is sent back instantly to everyone who sends an e-mail to an e-mail address with this feature enabled. The senders will get the automatic answer the moment their emails are received and you will not have to do anything whatsoever manually. A few examples of making use of auto-responder emails are sending a validation that a transaction is received and the order will be processed or that an individual is on a break and won't be around for a certain time frame. In the first case the option will be enabled for a long time, whilst in the second one it's non permanent. Even when you use an e-mail address mainly for personal correspondence, you can use an auto-responder to let the e-mail sender know that their e-mail has been received successfully.

Auto-responder Emails in Shared Hosting

Creating an auto-responder message will take you just a few clicks if you use a shared hosting from our company. You can do this via the Emails part of our in-house made Hepsia Control Panel where one can view your mailboxes available in alphabetical order. You may either select an email address and click on the auto-responder button or simply right-click and select the feature in the context menu which will show up. All you have to do will be to type in the text that you would like to be sent as an automated reply and save the modifications. You'll be able to enter any text you want and editing or removing the auto-responder function is just as effortless. From the exact same part of the Control Panel you are able to keep track of which mail accounts have the option enabled and which do not.